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ABPDU Enters into New Federal Strategic Partnership Program Agreements

The Advanced Biofuels Process Demonstration Unit (ABPDU) has entered into Federal Strategic Partnership Program agreements with three new companies to develop and scale up processes in renewable chemical production (Ardra Bio), sustainable food product development (Hampton Creek), and biobased chemical production (Ginkgo Bioworks).

Lygos Accelerates Commercialization of Bio-Malonic Acid

Lygos has been awarded a $300,000 Small Business Voucher from the U.S. Department of Energy helping to accelerate scaleup and commercialization of the malonic acid technology. The voucher will be used to run Lygos’ bio-malonic acid fermentation process at up to 7,000-liter scale at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and to validate process performance using cellulose-derived sugars at the Advanced Biofuels Process Development Unit (ABPDU). Lygos will purify the malonic acid produced at NREL and the ABPDU, producing high-purity bio-malonic acid derived from cellulosic sugars.

Innovative Microvi Bio-Ethanol Technology Validated at ABPDU

In the first phase of the Microvi-ABPDU collaboration, Microvi’s biocatalytic technnology yielded impressive performance, including a near doubling of bio-ethanol productivity.

Why We Have a Joint BioEnergy Institute: The Story of Ionic Liquids

The development of ionic liquids, and the potential for a transformative impact on the cost and sources of renewable fuels, demonstrates why DOE created a clutch of integrated bioenergy research centers.

How’s the progress? Lookin’ good.

First Bioprocess Pilot Production of Malonic Acid From Renewables

Achieving an industry-first, Lygos and ABPDU collaborated to scale up pilot production of this biomass-derived malonic acid, which is used to make a variety of pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances, and other materials.

The Bio-Incredibles

Bio-Incredibles: who can change the course of mighty genomes, bend DNA in their bare hands.

Hidden in Emeryville, California, mild-mannered high-tech center for a great metropolis, they fight a never-ending battle for science, progress, and a Series A investment round.

Switchgrass advance: JBEI’s Ionic Liquid Pretreatment, Enzymatic Hydrolysis Scales Effectively

The ionic liquid pretreatment process developed at JBEI, in collaboration with ABPDU, scales effectively (600-fold, from 0.01 to 6L) with no loss in performance, indicating that there is a path forward to volumes relevant to biorefineries (100-1000L).

Berkeley Lab Opens Advanced Biofuels Facility

Established by the DOE, the ABPDU is designed to help expedite the commercialization of advanced next-generation biofuels by providing industry-scale test beds for discoveries made in the laboratory.