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First Bioprocess Pilot Production of Malonic Acid From Renewables

Achieving an industry-first, Lygos and ABPDU collaborated to scale up pilot production of this biomass-derived malonic acid, which is used to make a variety of pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances, and other materials.

The Bio-Incredibles

Bio-Incredibles: who can change the course of mighty genomes, bend DNA in their bare hands.

Hidden in Emeryville, California, mild-mannered high-tech center for a great metropolis, they fight a never-ending battle for science, progress, and a Series A investment round.

Switchgrass advance: JBEI’s Ionic Liquid Pretreatment, Enzymatic Hydrolysis Scales Effectively

The ionic liquid pretreatment process developed at JBEI, in collaboration with ABPDU, scales effectively (600-fold, from 0.01 to 6L) with no loss in performance, indicating that there is a path forward to volumes relevant to biorefineries (100-1000L).

Berkeley Lab Opens Advanced Biofuels Facility

Established by the DOE, the ABPDU is designed to help expedite the commercialization of advanced next-generation biofuels by providing industry-scale test beds for discoveries made in the laboratory.