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Lygos Achieves First Bioprocess Pilot-Scale Production of Malonic Acid from Renewable Resources

An industrial biotechnology company, Lygos produces malonic acid from biomass resources. This high value chemical is used in pharmaceuticals, flavors, fragrances, and electronic-and metal-manufacturing processes.

As part of a program funded by BETO, Lygos has successfully achieved pilot scale production of malonic acid from sugar. Lygos’ novel manufacturing technology decreases CO2 emissions, eliminates toxic inputs and could replace the existing petroleum production process for malonic acid at lower cost and less energy.

A versatile compound, malonic acid was identified by the U.S. Department of Energy as one of the “Top 30 Value Added Chemicals” to be produced from biomass-derived sugar, instead of petroleum. Lygos has identified over $1 billion in derivative specialty and commodity chemicals that can be accessed from malonic acid, and developing its fermentation technology is key to enabling these opportunities.

“This is an exciting achievement for our team – it’s the first time malonic acid has been produced in meaningful quantities from renewable materials instead of petroleum,” said Dr. Eric Steen, CEO of Lygos. “The process metrics we observed at lab scale were successfully transitioned to pilot scale at ABPDU. With this manufacturing run, we are able to provide samples of high quality malonic acid to customers and partners. As we move forward with commercialization, we’re seeking additional partners to accelerate larger scale manufacturing and unlock new product applications.”

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First Bioprocess Pilot-Scale Production of Malonic Acid from Renewable Resources
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