Scale-up Integration and Demonstration

From bench to robust integrated pilot processes

Successful Scale-Up

Proper scaling and integrating of individual processes is one of the largest value drivers for bioproduct and bioprocess commercialization.  Moving from the bench and lab environment to an integrated pilot plant is made much simpler when you leverage our process demonstration capabilities and facilities.

We utilize robust process and intra-organizational team development, stage-gate decision points, and project management models to enable successful scale-up. The ABPDU can translate your bench scale data and processes into larger scale unit operations and integrated process designs and operations.

Leveraging Capital Project Best Practices

Uptime, throughput, and other process economic metrics are typically much more favorable if PDU-type data is incorporated into integrated pilot process design before commercial scale deployment.

We incorporate “front-end loading” and other capital project and industry best practices to reduce risk to start-ups and mature enterprises during execution and commercialization. Our team of engineers and associates has decades of experience in configuring, optimizing, scaling, and troubleshooting novel bioprocesses.

Testing for End Product Applications

Product testing in real world applications, beyond just analytical validation, is also a very important factor in evaluating the process and mitigating risk.

We are able to provide the product volumes that are required for application testing and validation by you and your partners—such as the initial fuel gallons for engine testing, or the first kilograms of a chemical intermediate to be incorporated into your respective end-product.