Dr. Gabrielle Papa, Ph.D.

Project Scientist-Process Analytical Chemist

Gabriella manages projects primarily in analytical and catalysis laboratories collaborating with cross-functional teams to support ABPDU’s mission. Her responsibilities include method development; samples analysis and interpretation of data to assess advanced biofuel and related biochemical production processes.

Gabriella has research background in biomass and soil chemistry with experience in biomass conversion research (lignin or cellulose conversion to value-added products), extraction and isolation of natural products. Her postdoctoral research at Joint BioEnergy Institute focused on ionic liquid pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass and enzymatic hydrolysis.


  • Ph.D. in Agricultural Ecology, University of Milan, Italy
  • M.S. in Agricultural Science, University of Milan, Italy
  • B.S. in Agriculture Science and Technology, University of Milan, Italy