Bio-process Prototyping and Optimization

We accelerate technology readiness for scale-up


You Invent, We Prototype

Robust bioprocess protoyping and optimization at the lab and bench scales is key for risk mitigation during scale-up. Modeling of process economics at the commercial scale and defining acceptance criteria for final product along with end-user specifications make sense when established on data obtained from prototype studies.

We have the unique ability to design scaled down prototype bioprocesses early in the innovation cycle and, thereby, accelerate advances in technology readiness levels for any kind of chemical or bioprocess – whether biomass deconstruction, fermentation, or downstream recovery and purification.

Check out this presentation by James Clark – Biofuels as an alternative to traditional energy sources.


Reducing Capex and Opex Barriers

Companies and project teams may lack convenient access to both the equipment and the expertise to quickly hone in on an optimized, scalable bioprocess for feedstock conversion, biocatalysis, product upgrading, and other downstream processing.

At the ABPDU we have flexible and customizable lab- and bench-scale equipment to quickly prototype and adjust your chemical or biological processing for chemical, fuel, material, and/or protein production.

Equipped for Rigorous Process Control

An optimized bioprocess relies on several very useful process control, statistics, and techno-economic modeling software tools that require significant investment to purchase and effectively implement and use.

Our team of engineers, scientists, and associates can identify and propose potential improvements to your bioprocess before or after initial prototyping by applying programmable process control, design of experiments methods, and data analysis software tools.