Technical and Strategic Development Services

From concept to commercial relevance.

Our network can be a key resource for your company or portfolio. We provide our partners with:

  • Clear visibility, documentation, and communication around process development objectives
  • Product specifications
  • Business targets that correlate with the current state of technology
  • Market assessments
  • Target product profiles

Supporting Your Business Case

We provide robust feasibility data and projections regarding process, scale-up manufacturing, and markets. We help ask the right questions, customize equipment, and develop documentation to support your business case.

Independent Validation

We use cutting edge statistical Design of Experiment tools such as SAS JMP and Life-Cycle and techno-economic analysis tools such as SuperPro and GREET (in partnership with experts at the Joint BioEnergy Institute) and are able to provide independent third party validation of your concept. 

Case Studies

DEVCOM Chemical Biological Center: We are currently consulting with the U.S. Army for their pilot plant design and construction. Recurring meetings and facility walkthroughs have aided in facility design, utilities specifications, unit operation selection, equipment placement, as well as waste management considerations. 

Indie Bio: Our long-standing informal relationship with Indie Bio has contributed to the success of dozens of startups who got their start through this well-known incubator.

Hawkwood Biotech Partners: We have had many proprietary discussions with leading consulting firms in biomanufacturing to help support public sector response to industry trends.  

Activate: We have helped multiple Activate fellows validate their concepts so they may better de-risk the development of nascent biomanufactured fuels and products.