Case Studies

Bringing Checkerspot’s eco-friendly skis to the shelves

Checkerspot’s vision to create a consumer brand featuring products made from triglyceride polymers became a reality at the ABPDU.

Commercializing Geltor’s animal free collagen

ABPDU became Geltor’s lab when the company didn’t have one. In a matter of years, Geltor was able to work with ABPDU to commercialize their technology.

Scaling up ZymoChem’s unique process

ZymoChem partnered with the ABPDU to prove their concept, purify their product, and scale up their process.

Exploring the feasibility of chromatography in Sugarlogix’s process

This study helped define Sugarlogix’s direction for their project.

Converting Recology’s waste stream to bioenergy

The ABPDU showed that Recology’s organic waste streams are potential feedstock sources for biorefineries.

Generating microbially-produced indigo dye at industrial scale

A quick turnaround results in ABPDU delivering a final product to Huue in just 3 months.

Rapid prototyping of enzymes that improve digestion and health

In two months, ABPDU’s collaboration with Digestiva enabled the generation of their first kilogram of product.

Speeding up Joywell Foods’ Sweet Protein Development

Our collaboration with Joywell Foods optimized the company’s process for further scale-up and commercialization readiness.