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TimedFeed and FeedPulse Video SOP Series

ABPDU staff took the Bay Area’s 2020 shelter in place order as an opportunity to develop a series of educational videos for students and researchers. The videos instruct users how to use two software applications developed by ABPDU staff — TimedFeed VI and FeedPulse VI — for use on a 2L Sartorius BioSTAT system. The software was made using LabVIEW, a system-design platform. 

“We thought it would be great if we could make this software available to researchers, universities and national labs,” said Jan-Philip (JP) Prahl, process engineer at ABPDU. “Since we were sheltering in place, there was lots of time we could easily access the software remotely from home and record these videos. These videos will be a great resource for both ABPDU staff and for students and researchers interested in learning these programs.”

The video SOPs can be found below and on our YouTube channel.

A basic user guide on how to use the TimedFeed VI.
A deep dive into the code behind the TimedFeed VI.

An overview of the code behind the TimedFeed VI.
A user guide on how to use the FeedPulse VI.

Turbidostat Video SOP Series

This LabVIEW-based control software enables semi-continuous/continuous operation of bench top and pilot bioreactors at constant biomass concentration using optical density sensors (Turbidostat).

RedPump1f Software

RedPump1f is a LabVIEW based, open source software application that enables remote controlling of analog peristaltic pumps for fed-batch fermentations.

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