Process Development and Optimization

Reducing Capex and Opex Barriers

At an early stage of development, access to critical equipment and expertise can enable you to  rapidly hone in on an optimized, scalable bioprocess. Early stage process development and optimization can allow for rapid course correction prior to significant investment in equipment and facilities.

At the ABPDU, we have flexible and customizable lab- and bench-scale equipment to optimize your processes for chemical, fuel, material, and/or protein production. 

Equipped for Rigorous Process Control

Our experienced team can identify and propose potential improvements to your bioprocess before or after initial prototyping by applying programmable process control and data analysis software tools. 

Our capabilities for scale-down and prototyping include an Ambr 250 automated fermentation system, 4 x 2L bench-scale bioreactors, an 8 x 500 mL HEL gas fermentation suite, and high-throughput liquid handling and analytical capabilities for rapid delivery of accurate process data.

Relevant Case Studies