Concept Development & Validation

Impartial demonstration of commercial feasibility

From Idea to Commercial Relevance

To advance from ideas and lab/bench scale data to a concrete business plan, it is essential to perform process and scale-up research and development, and deploy the technology at a commercially relevant scale.

The ABPDU’s network, along with its engineering expertise and project management tools, can be a key resource for your company or portfolio. In all our collaborations, we provide our partners with:

  • Clear visibility, documentation, and communication around process development objectives
  • Product specifications
  • Business targets that correlate with the current “state of technology”
  • Market assessments
  • Target product profiles

Supporting Your Business Case

As stakeholders gain knowledge and an appreciation for risk and technology development timelines in the renewable fuel, chemical, and material industry, establishing product strategy and bolstering the prospect of successful commercialization is a rigorous and unavoidable process

At ABPDU we provide robust feasibility data and projections regarding process, scale-up manufacturing, and markets.  We help ask the right questions, customize equipment, and develop documentation to support your business case.

Independent Validation

Access to the analytical tools and expertise needed to build and validate this framework can be challenging, especially in a resource-constrained environment.

We utilize cutting edge statistical Design of Experiment and Techno-Economic Analysis tools such as JMP, SuperPro, and AspenPlus and provide independent third party validation of your concept.