Feedstock & Biomass Flexibility

Achieving the best outputs

Exploding Diversity of Starting Material

With a growing global emphasis driven by commodity price volatility risk, market demand, and regulatory policy many product and technology companies are diversifying across renewable feedstocks.

At ABPDU we have deep expertise in handling and processing almost every type of bio-based feedstock including

  • “Energy” crops
  • Agriculture and forestry residue
  • Grains and sugar crops
  • Feed streams such as municipal solid waste and industrial effluents
  • Algal and other autotrophic feedstocks

New Processes For New Inputs

Switching to a new feedstock, whether you’re moving from corn dextrose to cane juice, from molasses to switchgrass and corn stover, or from petrochemical inputs to MSW and paper mill black liquor is almost like starting from scratch.

Our strong relationships and knowledge base with feedstock providers enables us to work with you to manage your upstream logistics.

Enabling Your Bio Innovation

New feedstocks also introduce profound issues and modifications to your downstream value configurations.

Our extensive background in deconstruction, aqueous phase reforming, and other chemical catalysis technologies for feedstock conversion and downstream product upgrading enables us to manage process economics and obtain the highest yielding outcome.