New Brunswick BioFlo 310 Fermentor/Bioreactor

The BioFlo 310 is an intermediate bench-scale bioreactor that is typically used as a convenient platform for growing seed cultures for use in inoculating larger pilot-scale bioreactors. The 10L glass vessel is autoclavable and supported with pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature probes, allowing the control over these process parameters as a seed culture develops. Rates of oxygenation in the range of 200 mmol/Lh are achievable along with basic feeding capabilities.

  • 1x 10L vessel
  • 3-10L working volume
  • Additions: 3x pumps as needed
  • Advanced controls: 1x acid, 1x base, 1x feed (basic)
  • >>200 OTR [mmol/Lh]
  • Hosts: bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, algae
  • Can be used as seed fermentor for 300L campaigns