Sartorius Biostat B Twin Tower

These four 2L glass vessels are ideal for exploring bench-scale process development work or validating a process during technology transfer. Precise control of pH, dissolved oxygen, agitation, aeration, and feed rates are set with the touchscreen controls, while additional data logging and monitoring capabilities are possible with the MFCS desktop application.

Like our pilot-scale vessels, the Biostat B towers can be linked to external software that allows a high-degree of flexibility for custom controls and fed-batch fermentation. The offgas from each vessel can be routed to a Blusens instrument or the MS gas analyzer to obtain information on the offgas composition throughout a fermentation experiment.

  • 4x 2L vessels, 0.8-2L working volume
  • 1x 10L vessel, 5-10L working volume
  • Additions: 1x acid, 1x base, 2x feed
  • Advanced controls: feed table (.csv) and DO Spike
  • OTR [mmol/Lh]: >> 200
  • Hosts: bacteria, yeast, filamentous fungi, algae
  • Flownamics Autosampler compatible