ABEC Holding Tanks

Abec 300L holding tanks

These jacketed stainless steel pressure rated vessels are equipped with a high-powered agitator, providing extensive utility in many applications. The tanks can be used to mix and heat-sterilize media prior to fermentation, or to mix buffers and hold material generated in downstream processing. Each tank is SIP/CIP capable, jacketed for heating/cooling, and equipped with a temperature gauge, pressure gauge, an optional pH probe.

  • 7 total holding tanks (3x 300L, 2x 150L, 2x 50L)
  • Capability: distillation holding tank, temperature controlled holding and mixing vessel
  • Impeller Type: HyFLO II Series
  • MAWP: 45PSI and full vacuum at 350F
  • Material: 316L SS