AKTA Avant 150 Protein Chromatography

The AKTA Avant system is a protein purification chromatography system designed for fast and reliable development of scalable methods and processes. The chromatography column has a high degree of variability when it comes to how the protein is isolated, but the general idea is to bind the protein while washing out everything else. Only when certain conditions are met is when the protein can be extracted. A high degree of automation and a built in temperature controlled fraction collector allows the system to run unattended while maintaining the integrity of the purified products.

  • Integrated fraction collector with refrigeration
  • Flow rate: 0.01 mL/min – 150 mL/min
  • Operating pressure max: 5MPa
  • Up to 3 wavelengths detection (UV 190-700 nm)
  • Real time pH and conductivity monitoring
  • Automatic buffer prep: BufferPro
  • Jacketed XK columns available