Alfa Laval Disk Stack Centrifuge

The disc stack centrifuge is key for separating large volumes of cells and liquid while harvesting material from a 300L fermentation.

This equipment utilizes an internal separation chamber spinning at 9000 RPM (10,000 RCF) to generate the forces necessary to separate input streams into 2-phases (solid-liquid) or 3-phases (solid-liquid-liquid). Feed rates of 0.4-4 liters per minute are typically used, resulting in up to 75% solids composition in the sludge outlet stream without carryover of solids in the clarified outlet stream. The equipment operates in a semi-continuous mode, where the internal bowl volume of 1.1 liters is regularly saturated with solids then rapidly discharged from the bowl to reset the separation process.

  • Bowl discharge volume: 1.1 L
  • Max speed: 9000 RPM (12.000xg)
  • 0.4 – 4 LPM
  • Solid liquid (2 phase) or solid-liquid-liquid (3 phase)