Binder Vacuum Oven + Convection Oven

Binder Vacuum Oven VDL115

The Binder VDL 115 Vacuum Oven delivers fast and consistent drying through optimized heat transfer and large thermal plates.

Application: drying


  • Explosion-protected: EX II 2/3/- G IIB T3 Gb/Gc/-X
  • Flammable solvent compatible

Equipment specification:

  • Temperature range: +9C above ambient to 110C
  • Temperature variation at 100C: 0.1 C
  • Temperature uniformity at 100C: 2.9C
  • Heating-up time to 100C: 170 min
  • Vacuum: 0.01 mbar


  • Capacity: up to 6 trays
  • Interior volume: 119L (4.2 cu ft)
  • Load per rack: 20 kg (up to 70kg total)
  • Internal dimension: 19.94 in w x 19.94 in h x 18.12 in d

Binder Convection Oven

  • Application: drying and heating
  • Features: USB compatible data collection
  • Equipment specification: temperature range up to 300 C