ABPDU Researchers Part of Multilab Separations Consortium to Decarbonize Biofuels

The ABPDU represents Berkeley Lab as a partner in the consortium.

Watch Video SOP on LabVIEW System

Learn more about the LabVIEW system in this video made by ABPDU staff.

Jenny Duong Featured in Berkeley Lab’s Visible Spectrum Series

Jenny Duong shared about experiences at ABPDU and more in a Q&A.

ABPDU 2023 Industry Listening Day Recap

Representatives from 41 entities, including 28 companies, participated in the event. 

The US Aims to Close its Fermentation Capacity Gap

ABPDU is cited in Chemical & Engineering News.

ABPDU Announces 2023 Industry Listening Day

Join us to share your feedback on how ABPDU can be a better resource for the community.

As Rocket Launches Take Off, So Do Concerns About Emissions

ABPDU research is featured in a story in The Wall Street Journal on greener rocket fuels.

ABPDU’s Gas Capture Capability Enables Production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel Molecule

This collaboration allowed ABPDU to develop capabilities and expertise to safely deploy off-gas capture for real-world fermentations.

2022 Year in Review

Take a look back at our most exciting stories and accomplishments from 2022.

Watch Video SOP on High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Learn more about high-performance liquid chromatography in this video made by ABPDU staff.