Watch Video SOP on Disc Stack Centrifuge

Learn more about the disc stack centrifuge in this video developed by ABPDU staff.

Open Source Software Powers Fed-Batch Fermentations

ABPDU has developed an open-source software application that can help universities and early stage biotech companies run fed-batch fermentations.

Watch: How ABPDU Is Training the Next Generation of Bioprocess Engineers

Watch the webinar on our collaboration with UC Berkeley to enable the bioeconomy.

Watch Video SOP on Alfa Laval M20 Test Unit

Learn more about the Alfa Laval M20 Test Unit in this video SOP developed by ABPDU staff.

Co-Optima Identifies Better Bioblendstocks for Cleaner Diesel Vehicles

ABPDU researchers contributed to new research identifying the top bio-based blendstocks for use in diesel fuel.

Watch Video SOP on ABEC 300L Bioreactor

Learn more about the ABEC 300L Bioreactor in this video SOP developed by ABPDU staff.

Deepti Tanjore Interviewed on Innovation at ABPDU

Berkeley Lab's IPO office interviewed Tanjore on her background, her work at ABPDU and her dedication to solving scale-up challenges.

Watch Video SOP on Sartorius AmbrĀ® 250 System

ABPDU staff give an overview of how to set up this system for microbial applications in this new Video SOP.

ABPDU Project Receives Technology Commercialization Funding Award from Department of Energy

An ABPDU team will facilitate commercialization of a hybrid biosynthetic and chemical conversion route to make high-performance sustainable aviation fuels.

Midday Science Cafe to feature Changman Kim

Kim will discuss electro-fermentation, a novel technology that can overcome some of the limitations of conventional fermentation.