What Does the Cloud Have to do with Biotech Funding?

I recently came across Transcriptic and Emerald Cloud Laboratory, companies that perform high throughput testing that is entirely cloud-based. Transcriptic has the noble goal of making “ the next generation of life science research cheaper, faster, and more accessible than anyone thought possible.” I think they’re a little tired of the social-mobile-local apps that snag all the funding. What they want is to make it easier for seed incubators to fund biotech companies that consist of two graduate students and a laptop.

Emerald Cloud Laboratory is a “web-based laboratory for scientists by scientists.” Don’t you love the way they say this? Emerald Cloud Lab offers a variety of wet biochemistry tests along with extensive data analysis and modeling options. Both these companies have one thing in common: how to bring down the cost of biotech research and innovation so more startups can be funded and go one to bring their products to the consumer.

Doesn’t that sound close to what we’re trying to do at ABPDU? Although we’re not cloud based, we do provide companies with facilities and expertise for hire so they don’t have to invest millions of dollars in setting up their own infrastructure. We’re a little tired, too, of the chat apps of this world that get funded for so much money. We were so thrilled when two of our collaborators, Lygos and Microvi Biotech, were able to successfully validate and demonstrate their innovative bio-processes and get more funding. Yes! Thumbs up for bio-innovation.