Jipeng Yan, Ph.D.

Senior Process Engineer

Jipeng has extensive research experience in the development of protein purification, lignin fractionation, biomass pretreatment, and bioproducts recovery. At ABPDU, Jipeng’s responsibilities focus on developing technologies as well as managing projects related to biomass deconstruction (i.e. pretreatment and hydrolysis) and downstream conversion and upgrading activities such as fermentation and chemical processing.

Jipeng completed his Ph.D. in paper and bioprocess engineering at SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry. His thesis focused on the production of ethanol using woody biomass. Among his many accomplishments, he built kinetic models for monosccharides, oligosaccharides, furfural, hydroxymethylfurfural, formic acid, and acetyl groups.


  • Ph.D. in Paper and Bioprocess Engineering, SUNY College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry
  • M.S. in Paper Science and Engineering, Beijing Forestry University
  • B.S. in Paper Science and Engineering, Beijing Forestry University

Professional Experience

  • Teaching Assistant at SUNY-ESF
  • Research Project Assistant at Beijing Forestry University
  • Intern at Huatai Paper
  • Intern at Tianjin Soda Plat

Papers and Publications

  • “Preparation and characterization of antibacterial paper coated with sodium lignosulfonate stabilized ZnO nanoparticles,” RSC Advances (2016).
  • “Hot Water Pretreatment of Boreal Aspen Woodchips in a Pilot Scale Digester,” Energies (2015).
  • “Quantification of xylooligomers in hot water wood extract by 1H–13C heteronuclear single quantum coherence NMR,” Carbohydrate Polymers (2015).
  • “Kinetics of the Hot-Water Extraction of Paulownia Elongata Woodchips,” Journal of Bioprocess Engineering and Biorefinery (2013).
  • “Quantification of Lignin and Benzene Alcohol Extractives in Triploid Populous Tomentosa by Near Infrared Spectroscopy,” China Pulp & Paper Industry (2010).
  • “Preparation of Chitosan graft copolymer of Acrylamide and its enhancement,” Paper Chemicals (2008).