Eric Sundstrom, Ph.D.

Senior Process Engineer

Eric is a senior process engineer at ABPDU, where he leads projects in the fermentation and product recovery group. He has extensive expertise in bioprocess engineering spanning a wide variety of feedstocks, products, and unit operations. Prior to ABPDU, Eric served as principal research engineer at Algae Systems LLC, where he lead research and development in algae cultivation and wastewater treatment applications at commercial demonstration scale. During his graduate work at Stanford University, he developed novel techniques to optimize production and recovery of biopolymers produced from methane feedstock.


  • Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering Sciences, Stanford University
  • M.Eng. in Environmental Engineering, Rice University
  • B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University

Professional Experience

  • Principal Research Engineer, Algae System LLC.
  • Graduate Researcher, Environmental Engineering Science, Stanford University
  • Course Instructor, Stanford University
  • Research Assistant, Environmental Engineering, Rice University
  • Research Assistant, Evolutionary Biology, Rice University