Ethan Oksen

Fermentation Employee

Ethan works primarily in the fermentation and downstream processing teams. He also performs analytical testing for fermentation processes. He has experience working with a variety of host organisms, including species of bacteria, algae, and yeast. He has worked with industry partners to develop and optimize fermentation and downstream processes and is experienced in technology transfer. Ethan has also worked on several Department of Energy research projects, including the Feedstock Conversion Interface Consortium, the Bioprocessing Separations Consortium, and the Co-Optimization of Fuels and Engines consortium.


  • B.A. in Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley
  • A.S. in Biotechnology, Berkeley City College
  • Metabolic Engineering and Microbial Fermentation, UC San Diego Extension

Professional Experience

  • Student Research Assistant, Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Process Demonstration Unit
  • Community College Intern, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory