Young Eun (Dylan) Song, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dylan is a member of ABPDU’s fermentation team. His research background is in biological electrochemistry and chemical engineering. His research focuses on the development of processes for biohydrogen production, and biological electrosynthesis by the power to gas/product (P2G/P2P) process.

Prior to joining ABPDU, Dylan received a Ph.D. in chemical engineering at Pusan National University. His dissertation was focused on the development of the process for biological electrosynthesis using one-carbon gases (CO, CO2) by using bacteria and electrochemistry in a bioelectrochemical system, and the development of the electricity generation and power management process for microbial fuel cells.


  • Ph.D. In Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University
  • M.S. In Chemical Engineering, Pusan National University
  • B.S. In the Department of Life Science and Environmental, Pusan National University

Professional Experience

  • Researcher, Environmental Technology and Industry Research Center, Pusan National University