ABPDU Researchers Participate in Lab-Corps Program Training

The Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’s Lab-Corps program has announced a second round of training for entrepreneurial teams at the national labs. Lab-Corps aims to accelerate the transfer of clean energy technologies from the national labs to the marketplace by training and empowering national lab researchers to successfully transition their discoveries into high-impact, real world technologies in the private sector. The training which involves 14 project teams from seven DOE national labs began this week in Golden, Colorado. The rigorous seven-week training follows the path of a typical start-up accelerator.

Berkeley Lab’s Biosciences Area has two teams of researchers participating in this second round of training. ABPDU’s Deepti Tanjore (Principal Investigator) and JBEI’s Joshua Heinemann (Entrepreneurial Lead)  from the Biosciences Biological Systems & Engineering Division (BSE) form team BioAlchemy. They have developed a new microfluidic technology (microNIMS) for high-throughput screening of cellulose degrading enzymes.

Also from BSE is team Evodia which includes JBEI’s Robert Haushalter (Principal Investigator), Jorge Alonso‐Gutierrez (Entrepreneurial Lead), and ABPDU’s Todd Pray who serves as Industry Mentor. Evodia is developing engineered microbes to convert inexpensive, renewable sugars into high-value specialty chemicals.

The teams will graduate on May 5 and will join the Lab-Corps alumni network.

To learn more about the Lab-Corps training and the 14 national lab teams visit the EERE webpage.