ABPDU Capabilities Available to Support COVID-19 Efforts

The Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Development Unit (ABPDU) is a collaboration facility that works with industry at the early stages of manufacturing process development for a new bioproduct.

We can rapidly develop bioprocesses to generate novel COVID-19 therapeutics and accelerate the timeline to take your bio-innovation to market. The ABPDU has the infrastructure to help industry through bioprocessing methods such as fermentation or chemical catalysis and purification.

At ABPDU, our well-equipped facility offers you many distinct advantages, including 12 X 250 mL fully automated Sartorius Ambr, 2 X 300L bioreactors with intricate process control methodologies, downstream recovery options ranging from ultrafiltration, preparative chromatography, to solvent extraction, and analytical laboratories equipped with chromatography and the ability to perform the necessary assays.

If you are interested in learning more about how ABPDU can assist your efforts in developing new bioproducts that can assist in the COVID-19 response, please email us at abpdu@lbl.gov.