ABPDU Scale-Up Facilities Expo Recap

The ABPDU’s Scale-Up Facilities Expo took place on Aug. 7, 2023, bringing together scale-up facilities and startup researchers. The all-day event saw 249 attendees from 29 countries attend 32 facility presentations, giving them the opportunity to learn about a variety of scale-up capabilities beyond those available at the ABPDU

“This event was in direct response to feedback we received from our collaborators at our Industry Listening Day who wanted to gain more knowledge about scale-up capabilities at 1000L+ capacity,” said ABPDU Director Deepti Tanjore. “We are thrilled that many others were also able to benefit from it.” 

The attendees represented 125+ companies and 50+ nonprofit organizations, universities or national labs, and individual consultants.

“The ABPDU Scale-Up Facilities Expo began as a forum where each organization gave a presentation and spoke about their individual piece of the puzzle,” said attendee Jim DeKloe, professor of biotechnology and biomanufacturing at Solano College. “But by the end of the day, when the talks were considered together, the expo had become a 12 hour long master class in the production of products using fermentation.” 

Recordings of the presentations are now available on ABPDU’s YouTube channel.

“It was great to have the opportunity to meet potential strategic partners for scaling-up production capacity from all over the world,” said attendee Tomas Niklitschek, CEO and co-founder of Nalca Biotech. “The most important takeaway is that we are part of a very large community that is open to collaborate and it is our duty to build bridges between our local economies and these entities.”    

ABPDU is planning to regularly conduct expos on a variety of topics. If you are interested in presenting at a future expo, please fill out this form