ABPDU, NREL Researchers Report Method for Efficient Lignin Fractionation

ABPDU researchers, in collaboration with researchers at NREL, describe a method for successful lignin fractionation in a new study.

Speeding up Joywell Foods’ Sweet Protein Development

Our collaboration with Joywell Foods optimized the company's process for further scale-up and commercialization readiness.

Alumni Highlight: Fre Tachea

Fre Tachea joined ABPDU in 2013 as one of the facility’s first employees. Now she is the Director of Fermentation at Culture Biosciences.

Open Source Software Powers Fed-Batch Fermentations

ABPDU has developed an open-source software application that can help universities and early stage biotech companies run fed-batch fermentations.

Alumni Highlight: Chyi-Shin Chen

Chyi-Shin Chen shares her path from ABPDU to now using data science to improve product development in the pharmaceutical industry.

ABPDU Celebrates a Decade of Bio-Innovation

Take a look back at our success enabling the bioeconomy, and learn how we're preparing for the future.

Alumni Highlight: Priyanka Singh

Priyanka Singh shares how ABPDU opened her eyes to how microbial fermentation can impact every aspect of our lives.

One-of-a-Kind Course Aims to Build the Bioeconomy Workforce

ABPDU provides UC Berkeley students with hands-on bioprocessing experience.

Alumni Highlight: Dr. Chenlin Li

We catch up with ABPDU alum Chenlin Li on her time as one of ABPDU's earliest employees and her ongoing passion for bioenergy.

Alumni Highlight: Robin Herbert

ABPDU alum Robin Herbert tells us how learning the concept of scale at ABPDU benefits his current research in plant biology.