ABPDU Celebrates Women’s History Month 2021

Pictured, top row (L-R): Allison Pieja, Mango Materials; Michelle Zhu, Huue; Monica Bhatia, Geltor; Christina Smolke, Antheia; Shannon Hall, Pow.bio; Ritu Bansal-Mutalik, MycoWorks. Middle row: Amanda Hernandez, Pow.bio, Allie Herrmann, Brightseed; Margaret Brown, MicroByre; Molly Morse, Mango Materials. Bottom row: Diana Eng, Bolt Threads; Jun Axup, IndieBio; Chaeyoung Shin, Sugarlogix; Tammy Hsu, Huue; Anne Schauer-Gimenez, Mango Materials; Jill Fuss, CinderBio.

To celebrate Women’s History Month 2021, the ABPDU honored female entrepreneurs who have collaborated with our facility.

Throughout the month of March, we shared the stories of these entrepreneurs on our Twitter and LinkedIn pages. View all the highlights here.