Alumni Highlight: Priyanka Singh

Priyanka Singh shares how ABPDU opened her eyes to how microbial fermentation can impact every aspect of our lives.

One-of-a-Kind Course Aims to Build the Bioeconomy Workforce

ABPDU provides UC Berkeley students with hands-on bioprocessing experience.

Alumni Highlight: Dr. Chenlin Li

We catch up with ABPDU alum Chenlin Li on her time as one of ABPDU's earliest employees and her ongoing passion for bioenergy.

Alumni Highlight: Robin Herbert

ABPDU alum Robin Herbert tells us how learning the concept of scale at ABPDU benefits his current research in plant biology.

Alumni Highlight: Hunter Zeleznik

Hunter Zeleznik joined the ABPDU in 2019 as a research associate. Now, she is a strain development fermentation research associate at LanzaTech.

Alumni Highlight: Aigerim Daniyar

In the first of our alumni highlight series, Aigerim Daniyar shares her journey and how ABPDU provided hands-on experience needed to advance her career.

Transforming Waste into Bio-Based Chemicals

ABPDU researchers make an important step towards converting a material in plant cell walls into eco-friendly ionic liquids.

Trash to Treasure: Scientists Convert Municipal Waste to Biofuel Precursors

ABPDU scientists collaborated with the Joint BioEnergy Institute to convert municipal waste blends into methyl ketones, which are chemical compounds that can be used as diesel fuel precursors.