Alumni Highlight: Stephen Hubbard

ABPDU alum Stephen Hubbard discusses his path to becoming a fermentation scientist, his passion for growing the bioeconomy, and more.

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ABPDU Hosts UC Berkeley Course for Second Year

As a part of this course, students spend time at ABPDU to get hands-on experience in the lab with bioprocessing equipment.

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ABPDU Cited in Schmidt Futures Report

ABPDU's work to enable biofuels & bioproducts is cited in a new Schmidt Futures report that outlines a path to building the bioeconomy.

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Leah Freeman Sloan Featured in Behind the Breakthroughs Profile

Learn more about ABPDU program manager Leah Freeman Sloan in this profile.

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Eliminating Barriers in Biomanufacturing to Improve Bioproduct Scale-up

As part of an Agile BioFoundry project, ABPDU is collaborating with Enduro to test the scalability of a technology that can program cells to maintain bioproduction.

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Alumni Highlight: Fre Tachea

Fre Tachea joined ABPDU in 2013 as one of the facility’s first employees. Now she is the Director of Fermentation at Culture Biosciences.

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ABPDU Partners with TeselaGen to Advance Fermentation Processing

The ABPDU and TeselaGen Biotechnology announced a partnership to advance fermentation processing for next-generation renewable bioproducts.

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Waste Not, Want Not: INL Studies Potential of Municipal Solid Waste for Biofuels

ABPDU's contribution to work converting municipal solid waste into chemicals that can be converted into biofuels was featured in a BETO Bioprose blog post.

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5 Everyday Products Made from Biomass: A Few May Surprise You

Companies such as ABPDU collaborator Mango Materials are developing biobased plastics that will break down and decay into natural materials.

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A Q&A with Ning Sun on Technology Commercialization Fund Awards

ABPDU's Ning Sun shares her experience with the Technology Commercialization Fund program as well as tips for potential applicants.

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