Pilot City Interns Help Improve ABPDU Processes

The interns have worked on solving partner onboarding challenges and automating everyday ABPDU workflows.  

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2022 Year in Review

Take a look back at our most exciting stories and accomplishments from 2022.

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Watch Video SOP on High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Learn more about high-performance liquid chromatography in this video made by ABPDU staff.

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ABPDU Alum Ace Aguilar Celebrates Successes

ABPDU alum Ace Aguilar and his mentors discuss his time at ABPDU, his academic success, and his future career plans.

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Bacteria for Blastoff: Using Microbes to Make Supercharged New Rocket Fuel

ABPDU researchers contributed to research that developed a new type of fuel that could be used for all types of vehicles, including rockets.

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Alumni Highlight: Stephen Hubbard

ABPDU alum Stephen Hubbard discusses his path to becoming a fermentation scientist, his passion for growing the bioeconomy, and more.

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Earth Day 2022: 5 Sustainable Technologies Developed at ABPDU

Watch a new video to learn about sustainable technologies developed at ABPDU.

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ABPDU, NREL Researchers Report Method for Efficient Lignin Fractionation

ABPDU researchers, in collaboration with researchers at NREL, describe a method for successful lignin fractionation in a new study.

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Speeding up Joywell Foods’ Sweet Protein Development

Our collaboration with Joywell Foods optimized the company's process for further scale-up and commercialization readiness.

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Explore Biosciences Software Tools from Berkeley Lab and Partners

Berkeley Lab launched a digital brochure featuring open and closed source biosciences software tools that can accelerate discovery and hasten products-to-market.

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