How Microorganisms Can Help Us Get to Net Negative Emissions

Eric Sundstrom, senior process engineer at ABPDU, talks about a technology to turn electrons into bioproducts.

Tags: Bioproducts, Changman Kim, Eric Sundstrom, Renewable Energy

Microbe “Rewiring” Technique Promises a Boom in Biomanufacturing

ABPDU demonstrates that an improved biomanufacturing process could hold its desirable features at higher production scales.

Tags: Biofuels, Biomanufacturing, Bioproducts, CRISPR, Indigoidine

Beyond Biofuels: Berkeley Lab Facility a Catalyst for Broader Bio-based Economy

Five years in, the ABPDU has established more than 30 diverse partnerships

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New Partnership for ABPDU Through DOE’s Small Business Voucher Pilot

Berkeley Lab will collaborate with four small businesses. One of them is Kalion Inc. based in Milton, Massachusetts, who will use the Advanced Biofuels and Bioproducts Process Demonstration Unit’s capabilities.

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