Welcoming New ABPDU Team Members

We’re excited to welcome several new members to the ABPDU team! These team members are already making invaluable contributions toward scaling up technologies from ABPDU’s collaborators, helping to decarbonize our supply of fuel, food, textiles, and other products.

Sara Tejedor Sanz is a senior fermentation engineer on our fermentation and recovery team. Her work focuses on gas fermentations employing biological and electrochemical approaches.

Onyinye Okonkwo is a process engineering postdoctoral fellow on the fermentation team. She has experience in molecular detection and monitoring of microbial communities in natural and engineered environments and biomass conversions.

Dupeng Liu is a project scientist focused on biomass conversion and bioproduct recovery/upgrading. He has extensive expertise in chemical engineering spanning a wide variety of process design, thermodynamics, reaction kinetics, and economic and environmental impact analysis.

Zack Jones is a postdoctoral researcher working on ABPDU’s quantum imaging projects. He works with collaborators to develop new imaging and sensing techniques to learn about difficult-to-measure aspects of microbial populations and bioproducts.

Kristen Hunter-Cevera is a project scientist at ABPDU. Her research focuses on understanding microbial heterogeneity encountered during bioreactor scale up.

Duy Dinh is a research associate on our fermentation and recovery team. He comes to us from California State University – East Bay, where he researched the neurodevelopment of C. elegans.

Jenny Duong is a research associate on the fermentation team. Jenny graduated from Laney College’s Biomanufacturing program, where she developed a home-lab test kit for students to practice bacterial related experiments during the shelter-in-place.

Ta-Hsuan (David) Chang is a process engineer on the fermentation and recovery team, focusing on tech transfer, process development and scale up from bench to pilot scale. David is a graduate of University of California, Berkeley’s Master of Bioprocess Engineering program.

Maria Duran is a process engineer on our fermentation and recovery team. Prior to joining the team, Maria was a researcher at the City University of Hong Kong, where she engineered methanotrophic bacteria for the production of industrial bioproducts.

Samuel Romes is a senior research associate on our analytical and downstream recovery teams. He previously was a research associate at the University of Louisville, where he studied recycling of coal fly ash for wastewater treatment.